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However, P 4 may also act in the uterus through at least two families of nonclassical membrane progestin receptors [ 140141 ]. Hence the genomic and non-genomic pathways may interact and integrate to ultimately affect endometrial gene expression. Interestingly, two of the endometrial transcripts more consistently up-regulated during the mid-secretory phase, APOD and SPP1, do not display progesterone response elements in their cis- regulatory sequences [ 1215 ] suggesting that P 4 induction is not directly mediated by the ligand-bound PR. Interestingly both APOD and SPP1 genes display TFBS for E2F1 in their upstream regulatory sequences. In breast cancer cells, P 4 up-regulates the expression of E2F1 and hence indirectly affects transcription of classic E2F1 target genes [ 115 ]. Such regulation of E2F1 induced by progestins has been shown to be multimodal since ligand-bound PR can regulate its transcription directly but also xia junsu tarantallegra track listing 1001 through other molecules to achieve further progestin-mediated regulation of E2F1 expression [ 142 ]. Bula allegra 6 mg/ml E2F1 along with E47 and SRBP1 are also mediating the P 4 transcriptional regulation in the endometrium for acquisition of receptivity has yet to be determined.

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