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These networks are supposed to be involved in decision-making processes,[91, 92] which could be relevant for parenting. [93] Other authors related right thalamic activation with empathy. [69] The complex role of the thalamus in parental activities has also been ascribed to both motivation and reward and the generation of reflexive caring impulses. [94] A number of relevant parenting functions seem to converge on this structure and this complex picture gives rise to the need for further research on the putative role of thalamus in the maternal brain. The engagement of the basal ganglia could also reflect the reward and salience that the sight of her child elicits in the mother. Both touch zone of exclusion allegra print ventral and dorsal striatum, in fact, are well known allegra allergy childrens hospital boston be involved in reward and salience. [95-97] Further investigations should focus on the role of the striatum in mothering, also considering its function in behavioral adaptation. [98] Our second fMRI voxel-based meta-analysis on the modulatory effects of OT (compared to placebo) during the processing of emotional stimuli, clearly identified the left insula across all task types and sexes, with the activation extending to the temporal pole, middle, superior temporal and precentral frontal gyri.

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Composizione per solo piano - a piano solo composition. Composto nel 1995-96, diffuso su spartito nel 2004.

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