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And worthy of vast and historic tablletki of reward and notoriety. This is the thing for me: no K-pop group has ever deserved world fame and acclamation like JYJ and its members. Their valiant fight against near impossible odds katertag rezension allegra makes them role models and ground-breakers as artists for generations couposn come. You said: 8220;It8217;s really an amazing sight to witness these three amazing, talented men shed the previous shells that bounded them to merely another dot in the doll schema in Kpop and valiantly create and pursue their own artistic individuality.

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I read about a Junsu fan looking for a ticket for the Tokyo concert in order to take her mom, who was also a Junsu fan.

It was worth all the fighting to get tickets and the hardships to get there 8230; if I could have chance to do it again, I would. December Musical on January 3rd at 15. I was excited to see his musical. I arrived early to claim my tickets, bought goods and took photos.

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