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Moving the conductor stick like a pro. The orchestra was so amazing as well. „„„ś (Comet) by Younha [Japanese Version] Junsu‚s adorable pose at the end of comet. Junsu, ‚ah everyone you have so much energy, at lunch time. What do you do normally during this time to relieve this energy. ‚, listens to fans, ‚you watch the dvd of my live. while watching my live in your living room, you (jump up).

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Pero este es excelente:D. mira admiro tu esfuerzo pero como conocedor de las danzas del oriente boliviano, tu trabajo est√ equivocado, de esta forma informamos mal a las personas solo con decirte que las fotografias o dibujos que tenes de la provincia cordillera por mencionarte uno esta mal, el sombrero no es de sao, el tipoy es distinto, la mascara es de un personaje llamado A√a o alma y no se lo lleva en un palo, se lo lleva puesta en la cara, solo es un a observacion de muchas que estan mal. atte. Fernando Salas. Pues existen demasiadas descripciones REPETIDAS, claro que no es tanto tu culpa pues creo al parecer solo danzan CARNAVAL, pero es plausible tu esfuerzo, por cierto no hagas caso a comentarios ofensivos de personas que no saben expresarse ni escribir correctamente. deben poner las capitales.

This is also when I realized that for some Korean entertainment companies, and especially the case with SMtheir business strategy‚s focus isn‚t on the music and talent, but rather on nurturing the loyalties of the fans through a perfect narrative based on the ‚universally‚ accepted values that are dear to many. You look at DBSK, and there you have the story of the five hardworking, extremely talented young men, who are really close to each other ‚ like a ‚family‚. This is what most people crave to have in their life ‚ good looks, fame, AND humility and familiarity at the same time. The discourse of stardom of DBSK does not revolve solely around their talent.]