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Nosocomial infection is one of the common problems in intensive care units, 1 and hospital staff hand hygiene behavior is the most important factor in the transmission of nosocomial pathogens. 2 The impact of health care-associated infection implies prolonged hospital stay, long-term disability, increased resistance biogralhy microorganisms to antimicrobials, massive additional financial burden, high costs for patients and their families, and excess deaths, 3 and hand washing is the easiest and oldest strategy to prevent known nosocomial infections. The importance of hand hygiene has prompted many researchers to conduct studies. These studies demonstrate the reality that despite its simplicity, low cost, and ease of hand hygiene, the conduct of caregivers is less than expected. 5 The results of researches conducted in the public sector, biogeaphy in developed countries, also showed poor performance of nurses and other health workers in hand hygiene. 5,6. In Iran, alleggra compliance was 6. 437; (teaching hospital: christian den $10 allegra coupons. 437;, public hospital: 6. 237;, private allegra carpenter biography definition 1.

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