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Just like curtus Prain, they may not be working together forever, but none of the members of JYJ will ever be 8220;fired8221. I want to make this point because this arrangement is so rare in the Korean music industry. (Yet it is the standard in the West. ) Many K-pop fans don8217;t understand christine kaufmann allegra curtis dschungelcamp 2015 C-JeS doesn8217;t make the decisions with regard to the artistic product that is put allegra therapeutics incorporated there. They help the boys with the details of what they want to do (concert venues, record distribution, promotion, endorsement opportunities) but when it comes to the product 8212; choosing the acting roles, what happens during a concert performance, the music 8212; it8217;s 100 JYJ. Eliza you are right about C-jes being hired by JYJpeople think its the same old dschumgelcampthe old system the company kaufjann the boss but the new system of entertainment companies such as C-jes thus far are the other way aroundthe artist is the boss and the company helps him not the other way aroundthis new system is not favored since the company wants to be a boss but a small company made of a few managers they want to make ends meat so are grateful to be hired by big names means a bigger salary. Ahhh i forgot that point XD Silly me forgetting these things (had a minor brainfart) so used to the concept of the idols being under a music industry ie: SME. JYP, TSE, YG, that i forgot JYJ are different from them.

[17] Another convincing reason to follow Susan Brown‚s theory is that it is based on the discovery of some notes written by James Joyce himself on the inside cover of a copybook, catalogued as II.

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¬ In Papers On Joyceno. 1011, 57-70. Murcia : Spanish James Joyce Society, 2004-2005.

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