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Psychiatry 2009 ; 22 : 320 ndash; 325. CrossRef | PubMed | Web of Sciencereg; Times Cited: 32 6 Meyer-Lindenberg ADomes GKirsch PHeinrichs M. Oxytocin and vasopressin in the human brain: Social neuropeptides for translational medicine.

[104] This activity, critical for social interaction, is enhanced by intranasal OT administration. [105] This is consistent with activation of STG and middle temporal gyrus during theory of mind (ToM) tasks,[106] regarding the ability to understand the cognitive and affective aspects of the others' mind. As our meta-analyses included several studies adopting faces as emotional stimuli, further studies are needed to better understand if this observation refers to specific facial processing modulated by OT.

Oliver Wendell Holmes (Anatom) und Prof. Green (Historiker).]