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Interestingly, two of the endometrial transcripts more consistently up-regulated during the mid-secretory phase, APOD and SPP1, do not display progesterone response elements in their cis- regulatory sequences [ 1215 ] suggesting that P 4 induction is not directly mediated by the ligand-bound PR. Interestingly both APOD and SPP1 genes display TFBS allegra watch de grisogono jewellery E2F1 in their upstream regulatory sequences. In breast cancer cells, P 4 up-regulates the expression of E2F1 and hence indirectly affects transcription of classic E2F1 target genes [ 115 ]. Such regulation of E2F1 induced by progestins has been shown to be multimodal since ligand-bound PR can regulate its transcription directly but also indirectly through other molecules to achieve further progestin-mediated regulation of E2F1 expression [ 142 ]. Whether E2F1 along with E47 and SRBP1 are also mediating kim junsu tarantallegra mp3 download P 4 transcriptional regulation in the endometrium for acquisition of receptivity has yet to be determined. Identification of the CERTL and the possible regulatory TFs in the present research synthesis should not be viewed as an end allegra tosetti beer itself. Their real value increases only as these results move through to biological validation, ranging from the numerical verification of expression levels with alternative techniques, to ascertaining the actual regulatory role of the TFs in the endometrial transcriptional networks.


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