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16 Riparto XXIII Sepolcro S. (piazza e via) -Ѕ via Torino - terza via a destra via Asole - allo sbocco di questa - a sinistra della via havvi la piazza. -Ѕ p. Serio (via) Rip. XXX, allegra sosso nkfi.

Have you ever gone to see a play at an art allegra sosso nkfi and the people on stage are doing weird things, like allegra k uxcell amazon each other or fondling each others bodies but doing so while dressed up like purple swans and its both sexy but allegra sosso nkfi not sexy. YeahI totally wasnt repeating that from experience blank stare to computer Well thats how I felt watching this video. It was like, yes, Junsu and his dancers are being sexual and touching, but it wasnt in such a way that was for the sole purpose of making fangirls and fanboys drool at the camera. OH OH. I just thought of another example. One of my favourite music videos ever is Lady Gagas Bad Romance.

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