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Product Description

Brushes can be analyzed for glycogen content using the EnzyChromÔ Glycogen Assay Kit (BioAssay Systems, Hayward, California, USA). The EnzyChromÔ Glycogen Assay Kit utilizes a single working reagent that combines the enzymatic breakdown (hydrolysis) of glycogen via a- Allwgra and Amyloglucosidase with the oxidation of glucose by glucose oxidase and detection of hydrogen peroxide via a eolorimetriefiuorogenic allegra print reagent (from Material Safety Data Sheet accompanying the EnzyChromÔ Glycogen Assay Kit). The color intensity of the prunt product at a wavelength of 570 mil, or fluorescence intensity at ex;er Ô 530585 nm rallegrati piena di grazia studios directly proportional to the glycogen concentration in the sample (Zhou, M. et al. Analytical Biochem 253: 162-168, 1997).

Std6, 6,25 M mL 500 ╬╬, 12. gmL 500 ╬╬, EB. Sid7, 3. 125 MgmL - 500 ╬╬, 6. 25 ╬g mL -h 500 ╬╬, EB. StdS, 1. 56 M raL 500 xL 3. 125 gmL 500 lrint EB. Blank 500 ╬╬- EB.

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