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Turnpikes declined with the coming of the railways allegra drug info allegra petti harvard medical school the Local Government Act of 1888 gave responsibility for maintaining main roads to county councils and county borough councils. The term turnpike originates from the similarity of the used to control access to the road. Pavage grants, originally made for paving the marketplace or streets of towns and these grants were made musica de vallegrande letters patent, almost invariably for a limited term, presumably the time likely to be required to pay for the required works. Tudor statutes had placed responsibility on each parish to maintain all its roads and this arrangement was adequate for roads that the parishioners used themselves but proved unsatisfactory for the principal highways that were used by long-distance travellers and waggoners. During the late 17th century, the approach to road maintenance caused acute problems on the main routes into London. As trade increased, the numbers of heavy carts and carriages led to serious deterioration in the state of these roads. A parliamentary bill, presented in 16212, proposed to relieve the parishes responsible for part of the Great North Road by imposing a scale of tolls on various sorts of traffic. The revenue allegra curtis christine kaufmann kosmetik the tolls was to be employed in repairing the road, however, during the following forty years, the idea of making travellers contribute to the repair of roads was raised on several occasions. Then in 1656 the parish of Radwell, Hertfordshire petitioned the quarter sessions for help to maintain their section of the Great North Road, probably as a result of this petition the quarter session justices of Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire represented the matter to Parliament.

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