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5ml Eppendorf tube (VWR Cat022363204) and cap closed and placed into dry ice-ethanol bath or into a -70C (or colder) freezer until R A processing. Biopsy samples may be used, for histological evaluation and transcriptomic analysis. Histological evaluation caracciolo di castagneto allegra printing be done by the following procedure: 1. After the formalin and ethanol treatments the tissue may be cleared with xylene (VWR Cat MK866802 or equivalent) and then embedded in paraffin in a base mold and allowed to solidify. After the tissue block has been cooled on the cold plate and removed from the base mold, it is placed in freezer (about -4C) until sectioned. Remove the tissue from allegra d pseudoephedrine freezer and keep cold in an ice tray (or equivalent) on ice. Trim the block and cut to 3-4 thickness sections using a microtome (Leica RM2125 RTS, Leica Microsystems GmbH, Wetzlar, Germany or equivalent). The sections may be placed, on a water bath and any folds or wrinkles removed. The sections can be placed on a positively charged microscope slide (VWR Cat 89500-498 or equivalent) and excess water allowed to drain or be wicked, from the slides.

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