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1989, 69 (5): 1003-1009. 1210jcem-69-5-1003. PubMedGoogle Scholar Lee J, Oh J, Choi E, Park I, Han C, Kim do H, Choi BC, Kim JW, Cho C: Differentially erviews genes implicated in unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2007, 39 (12): 2265-2277. 1016j. biocel. 2007.

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Even if SNSD or Kara make billions of record sale in Japan, music distributors in Japan take away 84 profit and the local area labels take 8 while Korean entertainment company gets under 8 from which singers receive a few percent. Conclusively, Oricon ranking 1 is nothing but an empty shell. I feel bad for those kpop singers 8230; I8217;m so happy our JYJ boys are working on their own now 8230; In relation to your comment, I would say this video may potentially display what is wrong with K-Pop. But be forewarned because practical inanity and ridiculousness of it could scar you for life O.]